• During those hot summer months in Las Vegas it is crucial to have a reliable air conditioning system to keep your home or office cool while also lowering your monthly energy costs. Our superior air conditioning units are easy to install, affordable and energy efficient. Call us today for a free quote.

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    If your air conditioner stops working in Las Vegas, air conditioning repair is an absolute must. You simply can’t live comfortably without a functioning cooling system. With average temperatures that reach triple digits in every one of the summer months, having a quality Las Vegas air conditioning company to call in times of need creates valuable peace of mind.

    One of the problems with some other air conditioning companies is that they are always trying to convince you that you need a new unit. At Priority Services, we provide the correct air conditioning service for your Las Vegas home, not just the most expensive. If you have a relatively new unit, you may just need an air conditioning tune-up. In Las Vegas, air conditioning maintenance is something that should be done before every summer to ensure that your unit is functioning at peak performance. This service will also prevent larger malfunctions from occurring. In the long run, if you service your unit every year, you’ll end up saving money and having a better working air conditioning system during those long, hot Vegas summers.

    Sometimes, however, your A/C unit is beyond repair. In Las Vegas, air conditioners can run for over 2000 hours per summer, so they tend to wear out faster than in other parts of the country with cooler climates. Fortunately, Priority Services can install a new unit when your old one stops working. We are a preferred Lennox dealer, so we know we are only installing quality air conditioning systems for our customers.

    We are licensed, bonded, and insured, and we only hire employees after a thorough background check and drug screen. We want you to feel 100% secure with the technicians working in and around your home. With our commitment to quality, we know we can provide top notch air conditioning service to all Las Vegas customers.

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